User sessions

select current_sid; select * from _t_sessctx; select * from _vt_dbos_connection; SELECT, s.status, s.dbname, (cast(s.conntime as timestamp) + tofs.tzoffset) connection_started, now() current_dt, now() – (cast(s.conntime as timestamp) + tofs.tzoffset) connection_duration […]

Primary keys

SELECT cra.conseq, a.attname FROM _t_class t INNER JOIN _t_attribute a ON t.oid = a.attrelid AND t.relname = ‘CUSTOMER’ INNER JOIN _t_constraint c ON t.oid = c.conrelid AND c.contype = ‘p’ […]


SELECT s.seq_id, o.objname, format_objectname(o.objname, o.objclass) format_objname, s.data_type, s.min_value, s.max_value, CASE WHEN s.cycle THEN 1 ELSE 0 END cycle, s.increment, s.cache_size, s.next_cache_val, s.flags, u.usename owner, o.objcreated createdate, c.classname objtype, d.objname database […]