Web site development

Development and support of websites on CMS platforms.

Development of custom sites on frameworks.

Create a website according to your own rules

Why custom sites are beneficial

Develop a unique website to establish a long-term perspective for the development and growth of your project​

To make sure that you definitely need a custom development for your website, read these statements.

If you agree with at least one statement then custom website development suits you. If you have additional questions tell us about your site requirements and we will help you decide on a solution.

You need an online store

There is a wide variety of eCommerce platforms to choose from today, depending on the size and needs of your business. But all e-commerce platforms require various improvements. Developing a CMS-based store can be cheaper if you choose the right target platform and a team of professionals.

What develop QuasarByte based on e-commerce platforms

Importing products from external sources for marketplaces

You can always import products from an external data source for marketplaces using our service, modified to suit your requirements. This will save you money on software development from scratch.

You need a custom development of an online store in the following cases

Case: online store of household chemicals

The project objective: to create an online store of household chemicals. Project parameters: small business, geolocation – Ukraine.

The solution: the online store is developed on a free CMS and customized using a custom template and a set of plugins. Integration with Google Analytics has been performed, the catalog of categories and products has been filled out.

The result: the customer received a unique store using developments in the e-commerce segment.

Through the use of CMS the client achived the following goals

Tell us about your business goals and as software development company we will help you achieve them.