What is new in Spring 5.1 WebFlux follow 3XX-redirects

Nowadays IT startups require to communicate with many digital services and web sites. Communication is regulated according to different protocols. One of the well known but modern protocol is REST (representational state transfer). The REST, in turn, is based on the HTTP data transfer protocol. We can say that opposite to SOAP protocol which may work on top of HTTP protocol, REST is HTTP in some sense.
To make programming simpler and more reliable of communication processes between remote services, software architects choose Java language and Spring framework.
In turn, bandwidth requirements may also be dictated by the number of end users. The speed of a specific operation can be determined by the number of services in a chain of transactions. These restrictions also affect the chosen architecture of your application. For this case, Spring offers a coherent solution, it is “Project Reactor” – Spring WebFlux framework.
What benefits your startup may have when your solution architect choose the latest 5.1 version of Spring framework? Among the innovations, we have “Reactor Netty 0.8”. It has not “just next number in version” but one of many different improvements. Reactor Netty 0.8 is able to handle HTTP 301 redirects in an automatic way – without spending budget you plan on your startup or ongoing project. Following 301 work out of the box like a magic.
Let’s show here these beautiful Lines of code:

* Specifies whether http status 301/302 auto-redirect support is enabled
* @param followRedirect if true http status 301/302 auto-redirect support
* is enabled otherwise disabled (default: true)
* @return a new {@link HttpClient}
public final HttpClient followRedirect(boolean followRedirect) {
if (followRedirect) {
return tcpConfiguration(FOLLOW_REDIRECT_ATTR_CONFIG);
else {

return tcpConfiguration(FOLLOW_REDIRECT_ATTR_DISABLE);

What is 301/302 HTTP redirect? You can remember when you migrated from HTTP to HTTPS your SEO specialist could mention these technical terms. These redirects may be used for example if the user entered HTTP prefix in the browser’s address bar but your site works on HTTPS protocol.
So, Spring becomes more powerful from version to version and helps us to create a perfect solution to automate your business.

/Roman Taluyev